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There Is No Finish Line

Have you ever signed up for a race to keep you motivated to keep moving…
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What Are The Best “Whole Foods”?

I know I should be eating “whole foods”, but what exactly are they? We’ve heard…
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3 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable

Most of the time the problem isn't lack of motivation when it comes to completing…
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How To Get Better Sleep

I bet you’ve been told that you just need more sleep to feel better. Just…
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The Top 5 Things That Effect Your Gut Microbiome

Trust us. You want a healthy gut microbiome if you want to feel your best.…
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3 Ways to Make More Time for You

We've all been there. "The day got away from me.""There's just not enough time in…
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3 Ways to Get Healthier Skin

Oftentimes when our skin is acting up or irritating us, we look to topical treatments.…
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How To Treat Yourself Without Derailing

Have you ever been chugging along with a new habit, or been feeling on top…
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How to Stay Motivated

Have you ever said, “I really want to do X” - whether it be to…
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Our ONE Tip To Feeling Better After The Holidays

Do you find yourself super full, bloated, and tired after the holidays. Or even simply…
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How To Improve Your Health Even When Your Loved One Is Not On Board

Are you finally ready to make a change, yet your significant other is not quite…
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3 Tips to Staying On Track While Traveling

Do you feel “off track” when you go on vacation? Feel like crap when you…
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What Is the Best Diet?

Are you searching for the most optimal diet to lose weight, minimize symptoms, increase energy,…
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How to Explain Your Dietary Situation to Others

Well, you see, you don’t. You don’t ever have to explain yourself in what you’re…

3 Tips to Maintaining Movement Habits with the Colder Weather

Is the colder weather making it harder for you to stick to your movement routine?…
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What Am I Going to Eat At the Party?! 

And What About My Kids? Feeling anxious about the holiday parties and events when it…
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Why It’s Hard for You to Get Enough Protein

When you hear for the first time how much protein you should really be aiming…
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Two Steps on Overcoming The “Screw It’s”

Want less anxiety? To stop "falling off track"? For one treat meal to stay at…
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Why Nutrition Programs Don’t Work

Have you started a program, had some success or change in habits, then find yourself…
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Do You Need To Eat Before A Workout?

To eat or not to eat before working out. Which is better? What if I…
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How To Stay Motivated Year Round

Fall is here, and we are going back to wearing more clothes, pumpkin spice everything,…
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Alternatives to Birth Control

Perhaps you are here to learn about hormonal birth control and its pro’s and con’s…
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1 Habit to Improve Your Body Composition

Ya’ll thought we were going to say either eat more protein, or choose strength training…

The Basics of Fasting

Wondering if fasting is for you? And if so, how to go about it? Perfect,…
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Make a Change with Less Overwhelm

What is the very first thing we talk about when you’re wanting to make a…
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Our Version of An Elimination Diet

Not getting the results you want? Not losing the weight, getting the body composition? Still…

Our Favorite Supplements & Brand Recommendations

You purchase supplements to get what you need because you’re either not getting it from…
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Part 2: How Much Fat & When Do I Eat It?

Proper Amounts of Fat When it comes to fats in your diet, you might be…
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Fats: Part One, Types of Fats

How much fat do I need? What kinds are good? Do I need to worry…
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How to Make Carbs Work For YOU

Ever heard that carbs are "bad"? Or confused on what carbs are “good” or how…

My Morning Routine

Want to see what a morning routine looks like in the shoes of a coach?
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The Single Most Effective Change In Your Diet to Help You “Lean Out”

Do you have trouble getting to the body composition you want? Do you find yourself…

How To Create Your Day To Lose Weight

Losing weight is more than calories in and calories out.
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Do You Know How to Properly Hydrate?

Follow this simple Hydration Formula for incredible results!

Top 5 Reasons To Sleep

Want to know how to live a longer, healthier and happier life? It's starts with…

Sneaky Causes of Common GI Symptoms

Do you have an unexplained gut issue? Or even an issue that may not be…

Grit…Why You Don’t Have It.

Do you have enough grit to get what you want out of life?
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2 Simple Habits to Boost Your Energy

Struggling to make it through the day without the afternoon energy dip? Groggy in the…

Clearing Out The Junk

What are the things that are holding you back from living the life you want?
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Salt: Friend or Foe?

Should we really be worried about too much salt?

The Power of NO

How to say no in 3 simple steps
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What to Eat While Traveling

Do you feel like you get “off track” while traveling? Whether you’re on the road,…

3 Steps To Avoid Overwhelm

Have you heard of the Four Burners Theory?  Me neither until I came across an…
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Pro’s & Con’s of Macro Counting

Are you following a set plan of macros, yet are not seeing or feeling the…

Is Drinking Coffee Healthy?

Do you like to have a morning cup of coffee to start your day? If…
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How Do I Balance the Treats?

Are you treating yourself too much? Finding yourself getting food out with friends not only…

How to Gain Weight Without Eating

Have you ever felt the crushing weight of a busy day on your chest or…
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Why Do You Want Metabolic Flexibility?

At Proclivity you’ll hear us talk about the goal of getting to be Metabolically Flexible,…

How to Get What you Want

I have a secret that I want to share with you, a secret that will…

3 Steps to Crushing Your Goals

3 Steps to Crushing Your Goals Have you ever felt inspired to change your diet,…
What is Proclivity?

Why Proclivity? Part Two: Sleep and Stress

So you know nutrition and becoming metabolically flexible is a major passion of ours. But…
What is Proclivity?

Why Proclivity? Part One: Nutrition

Hello hello! Emily here, cofounder of Proclivity. I am the one behind all things nutrition.…

Does The Length of Your Workout Really Matter?

Are you spending hours in the gym for very little gain? Not getting the results…
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The 5 Vitamins That Can Help With Muscle Growth and Recovery

Staying on track with a fitness routine can be a challenge. You set goals, you…

7 Science-Backed Reasons to Eat More Protein

Found throughout the body, protein is an essential building block for bones, muscles, skin and…