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Do you find yourself snacking often – usually on your children’s food that likely has a lot of processed stuff – and then don’t end up wanting a full meal? And does that lead to not eating enough protein (or whole foods) in your day, but instead, a lot of fats and carbs? And even some GI upset?

We hear you because we’ve been there! And it can be easy to fall into this pattern. We have our top strategies for how to minimize this!

  1. Plan out your meals ahead of time – For me (Emily), on the days I’m with my son all day, I pretend it’s a work day, because on work days I have my meals planned out. And I feel so much better sticking to those. So if I have those meals prepped, and planned for an approximate time to eat them, I can stick to those, and say no to the kids snacks or food around the house. And even if I don’t think I’m hungry for a snack or 3rd meal, I’ll still have it packed or planned. You want to set yourself up for success!
  2. Shift perspective on food waste, and what I actually need. Remind myself that even though my kid didn’t finish his food, or that it’s around, I do NOT have to eat it or finish it. Instead, can I put it away for another meal time or snack for them? Do I need to throw it away or give it away? Do I need my own snack packed that is more protein rich? Or, do I just need a sip of water and a deep breath? Ask yourself, what do I really need right now? What is going to make me feel my best?
  3. Start buying only what you want to be eating on the daily. Save the refined treats for the birthday parties or special family times. This also means we want to shift our perspective on what we think of as “kid food”. Ideally our kids are eating the majority of what we eat. If we buy them quality foods and prioritize protein, then it’s easier to do so for ourselves (and visa versa). Do kids do better with more carbs, yes – they are much more active than we are (and of courses growing), but we still want to prioritize protein for everyone when eating a meal or snack. And that way, if you do finish your kids snacks or share with them, at least it’s quality food and you’re getting some protein in! Our fave protein snacks are: Chops beef sticks, 4505 pork rinds, yogurt with protein powder, turkey and hummus, chicken or grass-fed beef sausages, and salami. If you want my full list of “Kids Snack & Lunch Ideas” with trusted brand names, DM us on IG “snack ideas”.

I promise you – turning down the snacks will become easier. Especially if you get enough protein and electrolytes at the start of your day. AND, if you tend to be a stress eater, then giving yourself time in the day for YOU that fills your cup is essential. That may be a workout, a walk, time to read or take a bath, watch a funny show, or get yourself a nice coffee! Oh, and get yourself enough sleep when you can!

Lastly, eating some of your kids food isn’t the end of the world. If you do, try to pair it with a meal or protein, or get active with your kids to use up some of the energy to just ate!

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