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Most of the time the problem isn’t lack of motivation when it comes to completing our habits or goals. It’s a lack of planning it into our day or week. So how do we hold ourselves accountable to that time? We have 3 top picks for you. Here you go…

1. Pay for it. Hire the coach you trust. Sign up for 3 months of the class or gym membership. Set an alarm to sign up for the classes every Sunday and pay the fee if you don’t make it (tip: if you do something in a group setting, you’re more likely to show up). You can be creative and “pay for it” by rewarding yourself 1/3 of the time (research shows that is the magic number to keep you motivated). This could be treating yourself to a massage if you get your weekly movement goal in. Or stopping by the local coffee shop to get a paleo muffin or small latte. 

2. Announce it. Tell your best friend, your parents, your kids.  Heck, post it to social media and ask if anyone wants to join. Tell them what you want to do for the next 30-90 days, and ask them to check in on you. This may look like you and a friend promising to show up to 2 Peloton classes each week, or going 30 days of 15 minutes of movement a day (tip: if you include your kids, they will help hold you accountable and may join you!). You will feel a little resistance to this. Good!

3. Make it attractive and remove the hurdles. For some, this may mean making the initial goal or habit smaller. Or instead of taking out all fast food, allow once/week at a healthier option. Perhaps the goal is to eat more protein – then make your favorite protein easy to make each week, or have your favorite add-on’s to make it as delicious as possible to start with so you look forward to it and make it easier to eat (we like bacon, avocado and salt, or Primal Kitchens Chipotle Lime Mayo). 

Pick one of these and remember, half the battle (and in our book a “win”) is simply showing up for yourself. Set the clothes out, make the time, attempt the habit.

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