Success Stories

Our client’s success is our success. Here are just some of the achievements we’ve celebrated with our community.

Ali’s Story

“The Proclivity Method helped to open my eyes to aspects of nutrition that I had no idea or even thought about! It honestly was so important to me to gain that understanding for myself and for my family to help us live a healthier life together.”

Shelby’s Story

“If I were to explain The Proclivity Method in one word it would be freedom. Freedom because I know so much more, am more aware of myself and what to look for in my nutrition, yet I don’t feel imprisoned by that knowledge.  I am comfortable and confident to still live my life because I am free from my own limitations that I used to put on myself.  I now know I have control over this!” 

Jaclyn’s Story

“Proclivity helped me to build my confidence and I have since said goodbye to body shaming and hello to a healthier, happier mindset! Simply put, Proclivity has changed my life and made it all feel easily sustainable.”

Kiersten’s Story

“Working with Joel and the proclivity method was transformative. Their process created a safe place for me to fully reflect and address my struggles. I had the opportunity to experience a realignment of my life. My overall health and wellness have improved, I’m stronger mentally and physically and most importantly I learned to love all of myself fully and completely.”

Coraleigh’s Story

“Joel and Emily are outstanding coaches! They are always encouraging, very knowledgeable, uniquely insightful, and will challenge you to take your health to the next level. The Proclivity Method was so much more than I anticipated! We worked on reducing my stress levels by implementing small changes in my lifestyle that were surprisingly achievable; as a result I was able to lose weight and dramatically improve the quality of my sleep. I *highly* recommend this program!”

Ryan’s Story

“Having now worked with Emily & Joel for the last 12 weeks I can say without a doubt this has been the most enjoyable and impactful nutrition journey I’ve ever taken. Having tried multiple nutrition coaches and companies over the years I never really found anything that stuck until Proclivity. Both Emily & Joel take a principles approach to nutrition and worked with me to uncover my limiting beliefs around food while taking the time to help me understand the basics of healthy living.

Azelin’s Story

“Joel and Emily are amazing coaches and humans. They have truly given me the tools that I will be using for the rest of my life. Over the 12 week Proclivity Method I have become stronger not just physically, but mentally as well. I recommend Proclivity to anyone who is looking to better themselves and feel the confidence that we all deserve to have!”

Ben’s Story

“The 12-week Proclivity Method has provided me with the framework I needed to approach my day with intention, improving my clarity and vision on life and has brought joy back into my day. It also helped me to drastically decrease my stress, anxiety and increase my energy by focusing on improving sleep, hydration, and nutrition. I now approach my day with structure and tools that allow me to live my best life.”

Mackenzie’s Story

“Proclivity is life changing. Over the last few years I felt like my fitness and Nutrition had plateaued, after switching to Proclivity I have been able to get results I’ve never dreamed of. I feel physically and mentally stronger than ever. If you are looking to change your life I strongly recommend Proclivity.”

Monica’s Story

“The Proclivity Method has been an incredible journey! With Joel and Emily’s guidance I have become the strongest mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have improved my language and developed skills to create a life I love with crystal clear purpose and intentions! Proclivity’s dedication and passion to help others improve their lives shines through every step of this program!”

Creating Healthy Changes, and Sticking With Them Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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