The Proclivity Method

The Proclivity Method Changes Lives

Learn about the foundation of optimal health and nutrition, while at the same time unlocking your body’s metabolic potential with our Signature 12 Week Program. Unlike all those other traditional nutrition and health programs that only address symptoms of poor health, The Proclivity Method focuses on shifting your identity with food and health, so that all the nutritional changes you make and results you get stick – and stick for good.

Perfect for Busy Professionals & Parents

Over 12 Weeks You’ll Learn:

  • The Proclivity Pyramid of Health and how to apply it to your life for quick results that last long-term.
  • How to break free of all the patterns holding you back so that you can finally experience a change in your health and life.
  • How to teach your body to burn more fat using metabolic flexibility, so that you start to see the physical and mental changes you want.
  • How to create and maintain nutrition & lifestyle habits specifically designed for you, so that you keep them, and the positive changes, for the long-term.

The Proclivity Method individually guides you and holds you accountable in a private or small group setting, utilizing industry-leading techniques, tools and frameworks so you exceed the health goals you set for yourself

Experience the positive powers of Metabolic Flexibility and The Proclivity Method for yourself, and finally feel and see the changes you want in your health, and life.

Hundreds of lives changed and counting...

I never get doubtful about anything anymore. - Austin P
The Proclivity Method was worth every penny and more, I would pay double for the results I got. - Ali C
I have lost 7 pounds since starting to listen to your podcast. - Becky B
I love the results of the program and the lifestyle we’ve created to get here. - Matt S
I’m so thankful for the opportunity you’ve created and for the trust I have in you. - Brandy A
This is the longest I’ve kept weight off without doing an extreme diet. - Laura C
You would be missing out if you decided to not do The Proclivity Method, it was worth every cent. - Lacey S
I’m more aware of how I am feeling now than I’ve ever been. - Shelly G
The Proclivity Method completely changed how I eat, when I eat, what I eat and my sweet tooth is completely gone - Maggie H
I officially hit 20lbs down!! With tons of muscle! Woo! - Devon E
I feel mentally stronger than I have ever felt. - Mike H
I have control over my life in ways I never have before. - Azelin D

Creating Healthy Changes, and Sticking With Them Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Create the changes, results, and healthy life you deserve with The Proclivity Method