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Want to lean out, have better endurance or cardiovascular health, or just be healthy, but hate cardio? Maybe you hate it because it’s boring, painful, uncomfortable or you feel like you can’t breathe? We hear you. And we can help.

First of all, we love asking WHY you want to run. We don’t think you have to run to be in good health. And if you’re forcing it, running too much, or doing it poorly, then it can cause more harm than good. AND – most of us wanting a better body composition actually just need some strength training and consistency rather. 

Benefits of Running

There’s a reason why we talk about running and why people do it. Here are the top reason we advocate to incorporate running into your movement routine:

  • You can do it most anywhere anytime – helps with consistency of training since you don’t need equipment.
  • Sprints help with burning fat, increasing muscle, form and balance, VO2 max, reducing stress, improving metabolism, and blood sugar balance.
  • Zone 2 cardio helps with better recovery, improved mitochondrial function, insulin sensitivity, mental well being, blunting post meal glucose spikes and improved metabolic flexibility.
  • You often feel accomplished and refreshed afterwards which has a domino effect on the rest of your day when it comes to energy and mindset

Cons of Running

  • Injuries are common, if done improperly – it’s a repetitive motion, and if done improperly, will lead to injury and inflammation quickly
  • Can be looked at as the only way to lose weight (which is very untrue)
  • Is often overdone – most people overdo it when it comes to length or amount or focus when it comes to daily or weekly movement, which can lead to injury, inflammation and loss of muscle.
  • Can take a lot of your time if you’re focused on length.

How To Enjoy Running More

So, now you can decide if incorporating running makes sense for you. And if so, here is what we recommend you focus on…

  • Get a running gait assessment to make sure your running form is good, and that you have the right shoes for you and your goals (shoot a message if you’re interested).
  • Try low and slow running (zone 2 cardio) more often – especially at the start of a run, if not the whole run. In a perfect world we are getting 2-4 zone 2 sessions per week – each being 40 minutes or more.
  • Throw in some sprints here and there to strengthen your muscle to support improved technique and less pain. These could be a few 50 yard hill sprints, 200m treadmill sprints, or any kind of sprint – could be on the bike, rower, elliptical or even things like jumping squats or lunges for intervals.
  • Start practicing metabolic flexibility when it comes to your nutrition – move towards 2-3 meals per day that are spaced out at least 3-4 hours, and minimize snacking. Make sure your meals have plenty of protein, some quality fats, and whole food carbs (under 50g for most people) – Oh! And stay properly hydrated with quality electrolytes and water.

Final Word…

At the end of the day, we don’t want to be doing something we hate. So pause, and ask yourself if you really want to be doing something (“Is the juice worth the squeeze?”), and if so, how can you make it more enjoyable? 
At Proclivity, we go over all things metabolic flexibility and mindset in our group and private coaching sessions. If you want to learn more, book a complimentary Clarity Call with us today! If you want to learn more about running technique, stay tuned to our Instagram and website as we put on quarterly workshops in the local Reno area.

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