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Do you think we’ll tell you to eat less and workout more? Well, quite the opposite in fact!

What if we told you that as nutrition coaches at Proclivity, we more often tell you to eat MORE, and it still helps you lose weight? 

And – I imagine many of you think that if you hired us as your nutritionist, we’d offer advice like “you should try and eat more veggies”, and “lessen your red meat consumption”. And then perhaps, “You need to be doing high intensity workouts and lots of cardio to get the body you want”. Well, we are here to tell you we take a very different approach to helping you reach your health goals – and our guidance isn’t all nutrition or fitness based!

We found that most of our clients of the past had an underlying root cause as to why they weren’t losing weight, why they had chronic pain, or why they weren’t able to stay consistent with their habits. And it always leads back to a few big things…

  1. If you’re thinking and speaking certain beliefs due to a poor identity of yourself, past (big or small) traumas, or allowing your imposter or even a “victim mentality” to creep in, you’re not going to be able to make lasting change in your physical health. Your brain directs your nervous system. And if we are in a fight or flight or flee state too often (due to our thoughts/beliefs), it will manifest its stress into physical manifestations such as weight gain, rashes, autoimmunity, anxiety, depression, gut imbalances, inflammation, poor energy, hormone imbalance, and so on.
  2. If you are focused on what you CAN’T have or do (“don’t eat the cookie”, “You shouldn’t relax and be lazy”), or what we didn’t do (“I didn’t finish the 30 day challenge” or “I didn’t do the workout prescribed”), then we are stuck in a vicious cycle of guilt and shame, and we have a really hard time getting out of that, and often swing into the all or nothing mindset.
  3. If we don’t know what to focus on when it comes to food and mindset, we are continuously searching for the new and improved “thing” (program, diet, biohack, etc.), thinking we have to do more, eat less and it just comes down to “being more disciplined”… and that couldn’t be further from what we actually need to do to create long term success that truly has us feeling better mentally and physically.

So, as your nutrition coach, we seek to find what works best for you when it comes to food. What can we add in? What kind of meal has you feeling good digestively and satisfied with (and how can we WANT to eat that way)? What may be missing in your foods that are leading to cravings, energy issues, and weight gain?

Then on the life coaching side – where we honestly do a majority of the work – we look at where your beliefs and reoccurring thoughts are. Then we look at the root cause of WHY we do or say those things. And then, we look to break through those old patterns through language techniques, storywork, and unveiling your imposter. And those are just the beginning!

Our coaching is unlike any other nutrition program out there. It addresses the underlying root cause that helps us gain clarity, takes a weight off our shoulders, and allows us to do what we want to with more ease. If you’re curious to learn more about what we do and how we coach, book a connection call with Emily! You can also email us at, or message us on IG Until then, have the best day ever!!

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