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Have you started a program, had some success or change in habits, then find yourself back to old habits or the same weight from before? We would be willing to bet that for anyone who has done a “program” or had some type of nutrition coaching, 9/10 times people would raise their hand in saying it did NOT work in the long run. 

Why is that? 

A couple of key things here…

  1. People are trying to make money, and if you don’t need them anymore (aka the program worked longterm), you won’t be spending more money.
  1. These programs or coaches don’t usually focus on the identity piece. So we go back to old habits once we don’t have the coach or “meal plan”.

So for the first one, this is why people keep you on a monthly subscription, or why they have you only using their products, or have you on a meal plan. For example, if they have you on their brand of shakes, or exact meal plans, or macro goals… then how do you succeed post program or coaching? If you are told exactly what to do, then all of a sudden not (end of program), then how do you know what to do? You don’t! 

The only way to make money in those programs is to keep you on for as long as possible, or to continue to get as many new clients as possible. Our goal at Proclivity is to not do it all for you, but to teach you so you can go out and be your own coach and feel empowered when our program is done. So this means that we charge what we know we are worth, because we know it makes a lifelong change. We also understand that you may feel an initial resistance and say something like, “But can you just tell me what to do and eat and I’ll do it?” And the answer from us is, “No, but we’ll guide you so it doesn’t have to feel so hard, and dare we say… EASY.” This is literally the terminology we hear from our graduates. At the end of the program many leave saying something like, “This program has actually made my life simpler and is easier than I thought it would be.”

Now for the second reason listed above. This is the even more important factor that we don’t see ANYONE else doing. You may be asking, “What do you mean by ‘identity piece’?”. Well let’s think about it this way… 

We can’t put new ideas into old mindsets. We can’t get new results with old behaviors.

And when we have an identity, or belief about ourselves, that does not align with our goals or desired outcomes, then it’s near impossible to achieve those goals, let alone stick to the new habits required to get there. You may not even realize you’re saying these things, or have an altered identity that is affecting you.

We’ll leave it at this. If you rep out in your head or even say out loud something like…

“I just can’t seem to lose weight, no matter what I do.” 

“I am just not a morning person.” 

“I have never liked veggies.”

… Then you likely won’t lose weight. You won’t look at mornings with joy. And you will find all the ways you don’t like to eat veggies. Without the belief that you CAN do something, it won’t happen. 

And this is what we help you find in the Proclivity Method. That belief. Even if you feel like right now it’s unattainable or feels too good to be true. We get that. We have been there ourselves, and know how to help.

And we don’t see anyone else addressing this specific mindset part in the nutrition space. So buckle up, and schedule a Clarity Call with us to learn more! If you want to hear or read testimonials, check out our Clients page or listen to any one of our testimonial podcasts! Feel free to email us with any other questions. Our door is always open!

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