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Want less anxiety? To stop “falling off track”? For one treat meal to stay at that – not ruin the whole weekend or even month? Or how about to easily say No, or confidently say Yes? Read on my friend. Here we have our top two tips for avoiding the good ‘ol “Screw It” mentality.

  1. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Let go of perfectionism – AKA, the “All or Nothing” mindset. That rarely plays out well, especially when it comes to what we eat. When we think we have to do something 100%, then we tend to think we only have 2 options: To do it perfectly and follow all the “rules”, OR, to not do it at all. But does that make any sense? Rather than succumb to the rules of a “program” or “diet”, why not make your own “rules”, and make them work for YOU? If you really want to do something long term, then adopting something more balanced is helpful. Not to mention – we all require different nutrition needs. What works for Suzie won’t be best for Johnny.  And you may be thinking, “Well I want to see results and XYZ diet clearly states that you have to do X. And we’ll ask you, “Have you been able to stick to those rules long term or found success?” From our experience, no! If so, you wouldn’t be here. And more importantly, have you actually sat down and found your true goals and what you want your outcome to be? If not, start here…

Reframe to thinking about how you want to feel day to day – not just the endgame. For when you think about any goal you’ve accomplished, does it really stop there? Are you truly ever satisfied with exactly where you’re at? Many of us aren’t, yet why shouldn’t we be?! We want to learn how to enjoy the process. If we don’t, it won’t stick and we’ll only ever be wanting something we don’t have, and keep chasing a “finish line”, or be disappointed if we don’t get there. In order to be able to do this habit, we need to have at least a moment in time to do so. Which brings us to the next tip below.

2. Slow down. Ask Questions.

Get yourself back into a parasympathetic (restful) state. Know that we usually make decisions we really don’t want to make when we are in a fight or flight state, where our breath is high up in our chest, and we the decision fast, and often complete that decision fast, and without much thought. When we are in that mode, we don’t think as clearly, we think only in the short term. We often don’t take the time to slow down and really think through what it is we are really wanting. So when you notice yourself about to “screw it”, pause, take 3-6 deep breaths and ask yourself:  What do I really want? What does my body really need? Slow down and answer the questions. Take your time.

It may be that you’ve had a hard day and you’re seeking comfort or pleasure. If so, then ask yourself how you can get that in a way that supports your values and truly makes you feel better. Do you need to write some things down? Call a friend? Go on a walk? Take a bath or exercise? How can you treat yourself other than just food? How can you treat your body and mind with nourishment that has you feeling good not only a couple hours later, but the next day?

Lastly, give yourself grace! We too enjoy treats often. No one is perfect, and we don’t expect you to be either. Watch how you talk to yourself. Be kind. If you can find trust in your body, trust in the process, and have patience. Magic will happen.

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