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  1. Eat even more protein. Like carnivore style if you need to (so quality animal proteins is what we are saying here). Most people underestimate the amount of protein they need to eat. Or many of us think we are eating enough, but simply aren’t when you take a look at the numbers. One way to do this is to track in an app like MyFitness Pal, just to SEE what you currently do on average in day. From here you can see where you need to add more protein in your day and meals. Our starting goal is 30g per meal for everyone, and from there build up. You can go as high as matching your ideal body weight in grams. So if you’re looking to be 150lbs, then eat 150g protein in a day, ideally 50g at each meal! Check out our other blog on protein for more ideas on how to get more protein in with ease.
  1. Do more strength training versus cardio. Challenge yourself with strength. In the gym or in your workouts. And in the day to day – like carrying your child or the groceries for a little longer. Strength training helps us build more muscle, burn more calories while resting, and can be an alternative to the usual running or cycling that may feel to intense, time consuming, or even boring for some people. 
  1. Sleep and hydrate better. These are FOUNDATIONAL, yet not always easy to do consistently. So take a look at how you can do these even better. Are you getting 8 hours of “in-bed” (trying to sleep) time each night? Are you getting to bed at the same relative time each night? Have a relaxing wind down routine that will lead to falling asleep faster and better quality of sleep?  As for the hydration piece, are you drinking at least half your weight in ounces each day? Adding electrolytes back to your water? Filtering your water? Start with these basics, one at a time. Give yourself grace and space to implement. These take time to master, and will continue to evolve, as you do in each season. 

If you are doing these things consistently for at least 3 months and still don’t see anything moving, there is a deeper rooted issue like gut infections, autoimmune stuff, or emotional stress that needs to be addressed. So if you think you have one of those, please book a connection call with us so we can ask you the right questions and find out!

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