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Have you ever been chugging along with a new habit, or been feeling on top of it, then one day or time feel like not doing that habit or taking a break? “I deserve it.” This often comes about the end of January, or a few weeks into a new habit or program. And that’s common, you’re definitely not alone. Here are our top 3 tips to treating yourself while still sticking to your new habits (and identity):

  1. Ask yourself, what is it that I really want or need right now? Do I actually need to take a moment to breathe, sip on some water, detach for a moment? If you do decide you want to treat yourself, then do it! And enjoy it. Our body will react better if you leave the guilt at the door and take a moment to savor it. And as far as the kinds of treats go, yes, in the past a “treat” may be the muffin, chocolate or stop at In-N-Out, but is that true now? It may or may not be. Yet I still challenge you to ask yourself that question. A “treat” could be a paleo muffin instead. It could be taking the time to pick up a nutritious and delicious meal. It could be a taking a bath or stretching instead of a workout. Think about and and try a new kind of treat here and there.
  2. If you do treat yourself with the dessert or coffee or fun meal, how can you make it a one stop shop? In other words, treat yourself, then move right back into your routine of whole foods? How do we not miss twice (negation acknowledged). Here’s a start… What we CAN do is to buy the small sized treats. Share them. Buy them here and there and keep them out of the house or office. Have substitutes for the daily or weekly cravings, find more nutrient-dense options. Try something new.
  3. Balance. I know some of you don’t like this word, yet it can make or break us when it comes to staying consistent, and avoiding the “all or nothing” mindset, and actually, burnout -or the eventual illness. And we know consistency is what matters most because if you’re not doing it at all, then you’re not making any progress, or driving yourself far in the other direction. So treat yourself during the week rather than JUST the weekends – avoid making the weekends the only time to indulge or feel like a novelty. Challenge yourself to eat like you do during the weekdays on the weekends. Instead of a usual workout, try a yoga class, or a hike outside. Try slowing down. Try speeding up. Take notice of how you feel after, learn about yourself, move forward.

If these still don’t help you, then you may be working on the wrong habit or goal for you. It may be too much, wrong way of going about it, or not a right fit for your true outcome. Or does the “treat” turn into the “screw it’s”? Read here. Otherwise, try these out, be patient and see where they take you. If you want more help, sign up for a free clarity call with us anytime! We’d love to help point you in the right direction, so you can start living the life you want sooner!

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