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Not getting the results you want? Not losing the weight, getting the body composition? Still feeling bloated, lots of cravings, or have low energy? Or simply curious as to what other things you can do to feel, look and perform even better?

It’s time to experiment with elimination. Or, in some cases, addition. Yet most of the time, it’s easiest to see a difference if we take something away. I’m sure you’re guessing something like gluten, or dairy, and yes – those are the most common food sensitivities – yet there are so many other things you can tinker with to see how they affect you. Habits, routines, people, environments, etc. Here are some ideas:

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Refined sugar
  • Grains
  • Specific veggies – raw, FODMAPS, high oxalate, etc.
  • High Histamine foods
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Light exposure (morning, midday and night)
  • Daily movement or steps
  • Eating timing 
  • The order in which you eat specific foods (Proteins, veggies, carbs, etc)
  • Phone usage (time of day, amount during day)
  • TV time
  • Social media or news time
  • EMF exposure (air pods, phone in pocket, router sitting right next to you)
  • OR… anything you do on a daily or weekly basis that you feel may have an influence on your health

Try eliminating something at any level (the higher the level the more change you’re likely to see and faster), and try it for a day, or try it for a few months. It’s up to you. For those experiencing daily pain or discomfort, the longer and stricter would give you faster results or knowledge of it it helps or doesn’t. If you have done a few experiments and to no avail, we highly recommend you speak with your doctor or a coach (like Emily) to get a different perspective, from someone who’s tried many of these things and has the know how to proceed. Book a free clarity call if you want to know more or simply get our feedback!

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