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What is the very first thing we talk about when you’re wanting to make a change in your health? For anyone?


Simply start taking a moment to be aware of:

  1. How you feel in your body and mind throughout the day (observations)
  2. Your reaction (mental and physical) to things/people/places
  3. What feels good, what feels not so good (what does it look and feel like to “feel good/bad”)

Think about things like:

When you can start to identify certain times you feel really good, versus other times you feel not well, then we can start to ask, “What are some root causes of these outcomes?” We encourage curiosity OVER conflict. What often happens after we do something that doesn’t make us feel good is… “I have no willpower, I can’t believe I just ate that donut, I feel like crap, and why in the world did I do that?” Then we go on with our day, NOT answering that last question, and feeling bad about ourselves, which then leads to higher stress, worse decisions (the “screw it” mentality), and the worsening of our symptoms. Instead, what if we acted like a third party scientist (or friend trying to help you solve a problem), and ask, “Why did I eat the donut?” And then actually answer it, without judgment – detach ourselves from the emotion for a minute. Then you may find out that you’re stressed, you were hungry, you really wanted a donut to enjoy, etc. 

And this is all very useful information! Anytime we “fall off the wagon” or “screw up”, it’s actually a great learning opportunity for yourself. If we can understand a cause and effect, then we are much more likely to make change, and the appropriate change for YOU as an individual. We are all unique when it comes to which habits, foods, or workout regimens are needed for optimal health or specific goals

If you want to have a coach guide you along this process that is also paired with the know-how to make those following changes with more efficiency, book a complimentary Clarity Call with both Coach Joel and Coach Emily today!

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