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3 Steps to Crushing Your Goals

Have you ever felt inspired to change your diet, get into a new workout regimen or finally take that leap in your career?  If you are like most of us you have, and if you are like most of us you probably saw some quick results that for some reason, fizzled out as time went by. 

I have been there before and wondered “why isn’t this working?”.  I made a SMART goal, I put deadlines to it and I even wrote it down, but I still didn’t get the results I was looking for! 

After looking back at my goals in the previous years I started to realize a recurring pattern, my goals were boring, dry and stuck in the conscious mind.  It’s hard to achieve a goal when you don’t care about it! 

So I went back to the drawing board and came up with this 3 step process for setting goals that I ACTUALLY cared about and HOW to accomplish them. 

1) Target – The first step is making sure you are aiming at the right target!  We often point our goals towards the obvious such as “lose 10lbs”, “make more money” or “read 5 books this year”.   Although these are great goals to achieve for some, are they what you TRULY want? 

The next time you sit down to write your goals try this.  Set a timer for 5 minutes and imagine that you had all the resources and opportunities available to you.  What would you do? Keep your pen moving for the full 5 minutes and allow yourself to dream big!  After the timer is up go back and find 3 goals that get you excited, the ones that make you want to jump and get started RIGHT NOW! 

2) Action – Now that you have 3 goals that you are excited about, its time to pull the trigger!  Set a timer for 30 mins and get to work by taking action on each one of the goals that you have written down.  Want to travel more with your family? Book the trip!  Want to lose 10lbs by August 1st?  Call the gym and pay for a full month in advance.  Ready to find the love of your life?  Sign up for the dating app!  

Too often we want to have the full plan laid out before we take any action, this over analysis leads to decision paralysis and leaves our goals dead in the water!  When we take immediate action on a goal we are excited about, we will follow through with the next steps because we are already going!

3) Plan – Now that you have taken a huge step towards a goal you ACTUALLY want the next step is to formulate the plan so that you keep going!  Take 5 minutes on each goal to write out the next action step you will take in 2 days, 2 weeks and 2 months.  Then comes the biggest and most important step to achieving your goal, PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR! 

A goal that doesn’t have a date is just a dream!  You want to lose 10lbs? You took the massive action by paying for a month in advance at a CrossFit gym.  In the next 2 days you will go to your first class (put it in your calendar). In the next 2 weeks you will sit down with a coach at the gym (or Proclivity) to set up a nutrition plan (put it in your calendar) in 2 months you will run a 10k race (sign up and put it in your calendar).  By setting dates you are holding yourself accountable to your goals so that you can stay on track to accomplishing them!

The last step is to review your goals monthly, weekly or even daily by setting a reminder in your calendar!  Read them out loud, make adjustments to them as needed and most importantly make sure that you still have the desire to accomplish them!  

If you follow these 3 steps you will find that accomplishing your goals is something that is fun, exciting and incredibly rewarding!  So what are you waiting for? Get out your pen and paper and start creating some magic right now! 

Want to crush all your goals this year? Sign up for our FREE goal setting workshop HERE, where we will take you through this exact process and more!  Hope to see you and a loved one there 🙂

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