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You purchase supplements to get what you need because you’re either not getting it from a food (you don’t eat it often, or HELLO nutrient-depleted soils!) and want to cover your bases, OR you’re experiencing some symptoms and you heard a specific supplement can help with that. Right? If so, you want to pay attention to what is actually in the supplement and the form it comes in.

Just like food, the quality of our supplements can make you or break you. When it comes to paying attention to the type of supplement you’re taking (ie, magnesium oxide versus magnesium glycinate), there are major differences that occur in the body, and you don’t want to take the cheapest, most basic one you see at Costco or Trader Joe’s. You get what you pay for.

So what do we recommend? We’ll break it down into what brands we recommend, the top supplements to consider taking, and what to do if you want a deeper dive. 

First, here are the brands we trust most, for overall quality and ingredients:

  1. Seeking Health – for specific types or nutrient combos where quality really matter 
  2. Pure Encapsulations – For the more basic single nutrient need 
  3. Designs for Health – For our favorite digestive blends to help with all things gut health
  4. Rosita – For a quality fish oil you can trust 

Here are the top supplements we recommend to consider taking, depending on your daily and weekly diet and lifestyle habits:

  1. D3+K2 – check for oils in the ingredients! We want to avoid those inflammatory seed oils.
  2. Magnesium glycinate (malate and L-threonate are great too, depending on why you are wanting to take magnesium)
  3. Fish oil/omega-3’s higher in EPA and DHA – third party tested, from a trusted source to avoid rancidity and quality.
  4. Collagen, grass fed – bone broth can be a substitute
  5. If you are wanting a multivitamin for any reason, consider one of these specific blends from Heart and Soil
  6. For when you feel like you’re getting sick, or sick, consider these: Zinc picolinate, Vitamin C – liposomal or whole food based (Paleo Valley), Quercetin, and Oregano Oil
  7. Creatine monohydrate – the most studied performance supplement that has all positive outcomes. Learn more on it in this podcast episode.

Now there are definitely other brands we like for more specific supplements, yet these are great places to start! If you are wanting to do more of a deep dive into your personal supplements and what is best for you, book a free supplement call with Emily! You can also ask to sign up with Fullscript by shooting Emily and email (, and she can give you access to the exact supplements she recommends for you.   

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