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Have you ever found yourself “being good” with a new program, meal plan, or fitness routine, then come to notice that weeks or months later find yourself “back to your old habits”?

Hmmm… Why is that? Have you answered like this ever?

“I don’t have enough discipline”,

“I’m just being lazy”


“I can never stick to better habits”

Well, you’re not alone, AND, happy to tell you… those aren’t actually why you’re not sticking to the habits! 

Here is actually why you’re not sticking to the new habits:

  1. The chosen habits are too lofty for where you’re at. It may not be realistic for where you’re at or in conjunction with your other values or goals.
  2. You don’t have the systems in place to support it. You cannot just add more without taking something else out.
  3. You’re not willing to do the “not so sexy things” (aka consistency and imperfection), or get uncomfortable and make change.
  4. You haven’t dug deep to find your true identity, and upgrade your language to support it.

So perhaps it’s time to revisit your goals and outcomes, then look at your schedule and how you spend your time. Maybe for you, it’s a matter of communicating better with your partner or boss so you can take more off your plate to fit in more of what you do want. And lastly, but most importantly, and most likely – you need to take the time to dig and ask yourself the hard questions. And that’s exactly what we help you do in The Proclivity Method. Ask yourself the right questions to find more clarity, shift your mindset (and language), AND guide you to know what is best for you in where you’re at in your health journey when it comes to nutrition, exercise, schedule, labs, and so on. If you’re curious, just book a complimentary Clarity Call with us to see what we mean!

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