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Do you find yourself super full, bloated, and tired after the holidays. Or even simply after 1-2 days of being around family, out of your usual routine? Hard to get back to moving your body, and catching yourself saying, “I’ll start Monday”. “Screw it, I might as well send it.” “I’ll make better choices when…”

We are hear to make this much simpler for you. We have ONE go-to tip that we ourselves use and it works like a charm. And feels easy to actually do. 

No it’s not to start a 30 day whole food challenge. 

It’s not to exercise everyday.

And it’s not to throw everything out from the holidays.

Although yes, all of these things would likely feel good.

But it’s actually something less sexy, and from our experience, the MOST effective when it comes to “getting back on track” – and it feeling easy, and sticking.

Next time you catch yourself feeling icky, wanting to feel better in your skin, more confident, and physically more energized, consider this thought…

“I’m only ONE meal (or decision) away from feeling better.” 

That could be choosing to forego the leftovers the next meal or day and having some protein and veggies that you know make you feel good.

That could be deciding to force yourself into 15 minutes of light movement before dinner or first thing the next morning. 

Could be saying, “No.” to the meal out or event with family or friends.

Or that could be something as simple as changing the dialogue in your head from, “Why did you eat/drink all of that stupid?” to “Those decisions felt good at the time, I enjoyed it, and my next move will be something that makes me feel better.”

If you want to supercharge this tip, try answering the question of “why did I do those things that have me not feeling my best?” (insert whatever you are feeling icky about) Why did you eat that? Then pretend your a scientist (remove emotion), and answer the question. 

“It sounded good at the moment.”

“I was enjoying myself.”

“I hadn’t eaten anything earlier in the day and I was starving.”

“Aunt Suzsie stressed me out and I wanted a drink.”

If you look at the answer, you can give yourself some grace and understanding. When we can do that, we can give some space to learn, be non-judgmental, and move forward in a calmer state, which makes it more likely to make better choices. 

So the next time you overeat, drink too much, or skip a workout, remember – you’re only ONE choice, one meal, one small workout away, from feeling, looking and performing better.

Want more, check out our podcast Episode 91 (coming out this week) where we chat more on how to overcome the holidays without it feeling so hard.

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