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It’s summer and with summer comes all the fun events like camping, lake days, BBQ’s, and social events.  And if you’re like many of our clients and friends, you’re working to drink less so you can sleep better, move your body, make better food choices, and keep working towards your health goals.

But when it comes down to it, have you also found yourself struggling to actually do so and say something like this?

“I just feel like it’s what we do in those settings, everyone has a drink.”

“I feel like a bump on a log when I’m the only one not drinking.”

“It’s not as fun.”

“I just want to relax or wind down.”

We get it! We’ve been there too. There are pros to both and that’s why we may choose to do it! Yet what if we told you that drinking less can be easier than you think, AND you can still enjoy yourself?

We bet you it can be that way, and here’s how you can start doing so:

1. Write down WHY you want to drink less. Get specific – instead of “lose weight” try “to feel better so I’m more consistent with my daily movement, which will lead to more confidence and energy.” or “to be more present with my kids, and be there for my grandkids.” If we aren’t clear on the reason behind the goal, it’s harder to stick to it and make it an actual lifestyle change.

2. Challenge yourself to having fun without alcohol. Put your focus on what you CAN do. For example, you can be more present and engaging with certain people and conversations. You can leave at a reasonable hour and get to bed for better sleep. You can workout in the morning with energy. You can make better food choices and avoid bloating and cravings later.

3. Have something else to enjoy instead. Our favorites are sparkling water with an LMNT packet or squeeze of citrus, Spindrift, or Kombucha. And when someone asks you if they can get you a drink, remember you can simply say, “I’m happy with what I have, thank you.” (Or ask for that sparkling water)

Lastly, remember that you are always in control, and oftentimes it comes down to taking a split second to pause and take a deep breath before deciding on the drink (or treat or food or habit choice). Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel later?”, instead of that instant gratification. And “Why do I feel the pull to drink?” – you may be hanging around the wrong people or places, or band-aiding a deeper internal conflict that needs exploration.

When in the moment of decision – to drink or not to drink – pay attention to your language and direct it so you can stay open to new ideas, perspectives and ways of doing things.

You’re a lot closer to your goals than you may think!

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