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Do you feel like you get “off track” while traveling? Whether you’re on the road, in the airport, we have some tips to keep in mind to keep you feeling your best!

Ideally we work towards getting your body metabolically flexible. That way, we can practice fasting in times of need, to make things easier for ourselves. Joel and I both practice a level of fasting while we travel so we don’t always have to pack food, seek out healthier food options, or settle for foods that have us feeling crappy afterwards. Yet if you’re not yet metabolically flexible to do so YET, we recommend starting with these simple tips below!

  1. Pack a mug with some Laird Superfood Creamer (if you enjoy a creamer), Bub’s Naturals collagen powder (and some MCT powder if needed extra fats for more energy), then find yourself some black coffee, tea, bone broth, or plain yogurt, and fill that baby up with some protein and fats!
  2. Pack food. Yes you can take food through security in the airport. If you can, pack a small insulated lunch box with some ice (yes you can take ice too) so you can take some snacking veggies (bell peppers, sugar snap peas, carrots), hummus, salami, eggs, leftover meat, deli meat, etc. with you.  Skip the airplane nuts/pretzels, they will either have a seed oil (causing GI stress and inflammation), or are a highly processed carb that leaves you feeling hungry and depleted.
  3. Plan ahead. Either experiment with a little fasting, OR look to where you’re going, search for a healthier restaurant or grocery store. We like to search “farm to table” restaurants, then look them up on IG to see what they’ve got going on!

Yet if you find yourself in the airport, or gas station, and are in need of a snack, check out our video for things to be aware of when you think you might be grabbing a “better option”. Something that is more nutrient-dense (because nutrient dense foods satiate us more!) will leave us feeling better – more energized, less bloating, and having less cravings.

Remember this (pro tip): you have a choice, you are in control of what you eat or don’t eat. Even if you’re with others or it isn’t “on the way”, stand up and do what you want. So you can have the mind and body that makes you feel great. You can do it!

-Coach Emily

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