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Supplements can help you recover better, feel less sore, and build muscle mass or endurance faster and more efficiently. And you probably don’t like having a dozen supplements in your cabinet wondering if they are even doing anything at all. So what performance supplements are worth the money and hype? We’ll tell you our favorites.

First we want to explain that these will vary depending on your goals and your nutrient deficiencies, so first check in on those, and proceed from there. For example, if you tend to be low on Vitamin D3, that will trump anything we say here. If you don’t meet your daily protein requirements (a good starting point for anyone exercising is 100 per day), start working towards getting more protein via a protein supplement if that helps.

Our first recommendation helps mainly with inflammation. And as we know, when we exercise we produce some level of inflammation. And if we want to keep coming back to exercise, we want to reduce that inflammation to avoid it from being too big or chronic. Adapt Naturals Bio Avail Omega-3+ is our favorite omega-3 supplement on the market by far. This 3-in-1 has top quality omega-3’s in the recommended dosages of EPA and DHA, it has the anti-inflammatory curcumin, and all around infection defender, Black Cumin Seed Oil. This is a powerhouse of a supplement that will help with recovery, and also longevity!

Second, we’d have to say electrolytes. Not only do they keep you better hydrated, but they help with better energy, sleep, and efficiency while working out – especially while fasted or eating low carb! This is why we adore LMNT electrolyte powder, as they have all the proper forms and dosages of potassium, magnesium and sodium to give you a boost during and after your workout. Drink water with LMNT in it anytime of day you want a boost, and more if you are sweating more often, craving sweets, or eating low carb or fasting. 

Lastly, if you’ve listened to our podcast at all, you know we are fans of Creatine. This performance supplement has many positive side effects including better gut health, fertility, brain power, muscle mass and recovery. It’s one of the most well studied supplements with nearly no negative side effects no matter who you are. Give 3-5g creatine pre or post workout a try in your water, yogurt, or protein shake. Stay consistent and see how your body reacts over time!

Final words…

As we mentioned before, if you’re not getting the foundations covered, first start there and THEN come and try these out. Check to make sure your sleep is going well (8 hours quality sleep a night), your blood sugar is balanced (A1C and blood glucose is in control), and your lab work isn’t showing any nutrient deficiencies. 

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