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We get you folks who have that routine down during the workweek, work hard and stick to the schedule, and then come weekend time you simply want to relax or do whatever you want to take a load off. If we have a tight schedule during the week that doesn’t allow for much downtime or even treating ourselves, then the weekend will feel like the only time to do so. So here are our top 3 tips to help you feel more balanced over the weekend and ready to start again come Monday.

  1. Watch your language first and foremost… What does “on track” mean to you? Do you still want to enjoy a drink here and there? Do you want to workout over the weekend? What does a “workout” look like to you? Why? We ask these questions because if we go about our day (or weekend) feeling like we are “off track” because we went to bed late, indulged in some pastries or pizza, or played outside instead of getting our hour long workout in, then we may feel like we are failing. And we know that when you feel like you’re failing, you likely also feel guilt and shame, and that leads us where? Aside from negative self-talk – usually self sabotage, or doing nothing about it, and then continuing the cycle. So what can we do? Start questioning your statements to yourself. Instead of “I fall off track every weekend”, how about “Why do I fall off track every weekend?”, Or “what does ‘on track’ mean to me?” 
  2. Treat yourself during the week. If you treat treats like they’re novelty, then they will feel that way. They don’t have to be put on a pedestal, we can have them throughout the week, and be less likely to need them come weekend time – in which we feel the need so much, we tend to overindulge then at that point. And I know what you may be thinking – “But it’s so much easier for me to follow the schedule during the week.” And perhaps it may seem that way, but there’s a reason you’re “falling off track” on the weekend. And it’s usually because we feel we deserve it from the week, and are doing too much during the week. Treating yourself randomly (Andrew Huberman says 33% of the time) will increase dopamine levels and motivation. So take a slow walk in the middle of your day. Book a random pedicure or coffee date. Have the cookie and eat it slowly on a Tuesday night. See what happens.
  3. Have a plan for your weekends. And you might feel resistance to this statement yet hear us out first… Have at least some structure or non-negotiables for yourself that you know will have you feeling good if you get those in. Some examples may be… planning in 3 meals with protein each day, waking up by 7am, getting 15 minutes of exercise in in the morning, one night of 1-2 drinks or eating out, or getting to bed by 10pm each night. 

Our personal favorite non-negotiables are daily movement, one social commitment per day, and 7.5 hour sleep minimum each night. We know those have us feeling our best, even if we lounge around all day, or eat less nutritious food when out and about. Now if you feel like taking action on these are still hard to implement for you, we are here to help. Book a free clarity call with us anytime to see if our coaching services are right for you. What do you have to lose? (nothing!)

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