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Are you following a set plan of macros, yet are not seeing or feeling the results you want?

Macros can be extremely helpful. Especially for those who don’t know what 30g of protein looks like, or how big (or small) of a serving size to serve themselves of carbs or fat. Following a set of macros can also help you lose weight, for sure! 

Yet losing weight is SO much more than just cutting calories or adjusting macros. 

It’s about the stressors you live day in and day out and likely don’t even realize it. Metabolic INflexibility. Or from lack of sleep, structure in your day, using pressure language, eating too many carbs or fats for YOU, not being able to digest certain foods, lack of breathing, or eating poor quality foods (that you think are “good”). There are so many factors at play here, where ONLY looking at total calories or a macro split is not always going to be the answer. That is why we are here to help coach you on an individual level, so you can learn what it is that YOU need to gain health and thrive. 

We help you see what other stressors in your life may be getting in the way that you didn’t even realize was an issue. And stress is actually a good thing, yet too much, and too much chronically is NOT. When our cup overflows too often and for too long, our body will hold on to weight, and manifest in other physical symptoms or disease.

Common signs we see from clients, aside from saying “I track my macros perfectly, and still don’t see the results.”:

  • Extra weight around hips or stomach
  • Poor sleep – waking up in the middle of the night
  • Cravings/Hangriness/Energy dips or hunger 1-3 hours after eating (metabolic INflexibilty)
  • Body composition isn’t changing with exercise
  • Gut issues – bloated, acid reflux, IBS, etc.

Curious about how we can help you? Book a FREE clarity call to chat with both Joel and Emily. There is a button at the top of this page to do so! Then check out our list of Pro’s and Con’s to counting macros…

Pro’s to counting macros:

  • Portion/calorie control – know exactly how much to eat to gain, maintain, or lose weight. It takes the guessing out of it and tracks it along the way.
  • If you pay attention, it helps teach you more about food and how YOU feel in relation to it (amounts, types, etc.).
  • Accountability – the app or coach helps you stick to the numbers each day and week.

Con’s to counting macros:

  • Doesn’t always pay attention to quality of food, which is arguably more important than the quantity.
  • Can lead to a restriction or obsessive mindset.
  • Does too much work for you, and can lead to you being dependent on an app or coach longterm in order to keep weight off (we need to be aware and learn so we can make choices for ourselves that aren’t too rigid). It doesn’t teach you how to eat food “normally” and without stress or overthought. 
  • Most coaches who offer macros recommend a VERY high carb count that can cause a host of issues like poor gut health, eating too many refined carbs (in order to get to that count), reliance on carbs (hangriness, energy dips), and blood sugar swings.If you don’t have a knowledgeable coach, you can be in a deficit (or other stage) for too long and that lead to health issues (hormonal, HPA axis dysregulation, mental, etc.)
  • It does NOT teach you how to be metabolically flexible, which is what we want to live an optimal and healthy life long term.

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