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Ya’ll thought we were going to say either eat more protein, or choose strength training over anything else. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Those are both really helpful habits when it comes to body composition. Yet there is one more that we find to be even more important. And that is consistency. When it comes to daily and weekly consistency, it’s a mindset that ANYTHING is better than NOTHING. Open your mind to the fact that any movement is still “exercise”. So first, swap out the words “exercise” and “workout” for “movement”. This will take some pressure off and lead to you moving more in general.

Now. Have you ever thought, “Well I don’t have time for the 30 or 60 minute class or programming, so I can’t get a workout in for today”? You’re not alone, and we get it. Yet what if you could workout even just 10 minutes a day here and there and still maintain or get that body composition you’re wanting? It’s very possible. And in fact, both Joel and I do this weekly. 

I have kids, and if you have kids you know – things don’t always go according to plan. Naps are short. They wake up early (or in the middle of the night). You’re tired. You have all the things to get done. You don’t have as much time now. That’s fine! Do something. Prioritize some movement in (aka move your body either earlier in the day, or first thing when they go down for a nap). 

Move your body in any which way you can that day. Got 15 minutes while dinner cooks and you’re with your kids? Great! Involve them, do some air squats, push ups, lunges or planks. If your kid interrupts, wakes up from their nap early, at least you got something in. Or, you can keep going and involve them! Set that example that you get things done, no matter what, and it can be fun.

Another side tip. I intentionally keep a dumbbell or kettlebell in my living room for when I’m with my toddler, and can fit in even ONE set of curls or goblet squats. If your environment is set up to make movement easier, you’re more likely to do it! I know many who put their peloton or yoga mat in their living room or office, already set up, so at any moment, they can hop right into it and right out of it. Gives no room for excuses. While they are playing with toys or going down the slide, do some lunges or high knees! Or run around with that. That’s “movement” too!

My personal rule for if I didn’t get any dedicated movement in for the day before I shower at night is this. I take 4 minutes to do something. Most times this looks like 3 rounds of 10 push ups, 20 air squats, and down dog with some foot pedaling in between. Sometimes it’s a tabata of any movement that sounds fun (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, for 4 minutes). Or it can simply be 4 minutes on the bike or treadmill, or running my dog down the street and back.

I hope this helps you reframe and realize you CAN fit something in each day. When you have more time to get longer or more intense workouts in, great! Keep doing those. Yet be flexible on the days you don’t have as much wiggle room. Remember, the more you move your body daily in ANY way, the better you’ll look and feel in the short and long run!

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