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It’s that crunch time where if you need to order a present online, you better do it now if you want it to show up on time for Christmas. Or if you’re reading this and you tend to wait until the last minute to buy presents and feel the pressure, our following advice still applies. 

Whether the stress comes from the time squeeze, having the finances to do it, or simply the obligation to do it amidst all other things this time of year, here are our top gift ideas and tips to feel more at ease and find something for that special someone:

  1. First off, it is indeed OK to not get a gift. Just because you’re “supposed to” or even if you know someone else is giving you something, does not mean you have to give something back. We are big fans of giving gifts when it makes sense and comes from the heart. Like when you randomly see something in the store and it reminds you of someone. Or you hear them say something and you think of the perfect thing for them. At any time of year. It doesn’t have to be their birthday or Christmas, just get it because. That way it has more meaning, and less stress and forcing a present just cause. So instead of gift giving just because of the date, simply call them to tell them how much you appreciate them on that date you want to acknowledge them. 
  2. If you know what you want to do or get, but it’s a matter of getting it done, then pause and take a look at what your day looks like, and re-prioritize. NOW is a good time to order the thing, or take a midday trip to the store to buy it. Stop thinking about it. Take action. Make the online purchase, make the call, ask for help in getting it if you need to! And… check out our Proclivity Approved Products for that someone that is looking for healthier products in their life!
  3. If you’re stumped on the person but really want to get them something, try browsing a local shop with plants, food, experiences, or anything self care to get your mind running.
  4. If finances are tighter, focus more on an experience or something homemade. For example, a hand painted card that you helped your kid make, a handwritten letter, bake them something, take them to coffee, or invite them over for dinner or a hike!
  5. For future holidays or events where you’d like to buy a gift, set a reminder in your phone, or schedule it in to your calendar in advance. Like 1 month in advance. Find the birthdays and set it 30 days prior. Make a running list of gift ideas for people so when something does come up in conversation, you have a place to write it down (or just buy it then), instead of forgetting when it comes time. If you have trouble even doing that, read here.

Remember – time with the ones you love is most important. The way you make people feel is what they remember most. Not what gift you got them. If you feel the pressure, know that the pressure is only what you put on yourself. You have the power to take that off and release it. If others feel disappointed or hurt, that’s on them. All you need to do is be you, and that’s enough!

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