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Struggling to make it through the day without the afternoon energy dip? Groggy in the morning? Feeling a bonk while working out while everyone around seems to be chugging along just fine? This is for you…

At Proclivity we tell it to you straight. No fancy “hacks”, just simple foundations that work. Yet simple and easy are not the same thing. And we know this from experience. We tried to fast track our results with supplements, medications, or the next best fad diet. Did that work? Nope.

We value our health and cherish it as if our life depends on it – because it does. It’s rare to have something so valued come easy to us right? Think about working your way up at a job – requires hard work. Having a baby – the hardest challenge of all, yet I couldn’t think of a more joyful gift. Most great things in life come with a bit of a challenge. And that is why they are so great. 

So with that in mind, we have some easy, yet some maybe more challenging habits that will without a doubt help you with your energy. These are the 2 first big habits we tell our clients:

  1. We’ll give you the easier one first – Proper Hydration. This means adequate electrolyte and quality water levels. Do you have a filter? If not we highly recommend Hydroviv to install under your sink – the easiest time saving and cost efficient option we’ve found, AND provides the best filtration. Trust us, we’ve done the research. If not Hydroviv, start with any kind of filtration system, rather than the typical plastic bottled water or tap water. THEN, add electrolytes. Could be a pinch or 2 of unrefined salt, or our favorite, LMNT electrolyte powder
  2. Now this one may be more of a challenge for some. That’s because it requires you to say NO to some things, or set better boundaries. That’s because in order to get enough Sleep. Start with setting an ideal bedtime. What will allow you at least 7 hours of sleep. Not just laying in bed, but actual sleep. THEN, work towards minimizing light exposure after sunset (and increasing in the morning). Lastly, what does your night time routine look like? Do you have at least 1 hour of wind down time that allows your body to get into that parasympathetic state (calm, rest and digest state)?

Once you start working on these 2 things daily, and see the improvements, THEN you can start with all the other things to improve your like…

  1. Daily movement – more steps, sit/stand desk if working in an office, more variation, strength/resistance training, etc.
  2. Specific macro portions – try higher carb, less fat, then, try less carbs and higher fat – see what makes you feel energized for longer.
  3. Minimize snacking – stick to 2-3 bigger meals a day
  4. Specific food or supplementation to ensure adequate magnesium, D3, B and Omega-3 levels
  5. What is toxic in your environment? People/relationships, chemical exposure, birth control/medications, alcohol, sugar, fragrances, aluminum, plastics, etc.
  6. Then of course, we couldn’t leave out… minimizing “busyness” or stress, and watching our language and how that affects us!

Poor energy is a sign from our body that it’s missing something. Don’t ignore those signs, or you will see it manifest into disease later on in life. Work on our first 2 habits listed above, and let us know how it goes for you! Not only will you gain energy, but get closer to having a metabolically flexible body, which we are always aiming for. Send us a DM on social media, or an email at, or

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